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Welcome!  We are so glad you have come to our webpage. The Full Tummy Project is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the life of the children in our community. We would love to have you join us as we 'fill tummies' in our local schools!  This project is a ministry designed to provide a small bag of food on Fridays for children in our local schools who are at risk for hunger on the weekends.  Several breakfast, lunch and dinner items, along with snacks and a healthy drink, are discreetly placed in the child's backpack at a time on Friday when children are not in the classroom.  The children who qualify for this project are determined by the school's administration and their identities are kept confidential. Each school gives us the number of students in need. We simply deliver the number of food bags needed to individual schools each week for distribution on Friday.  It is that simple, but WE NEED YOU to help make it happen!!  There are several opportunities for service with this project:

  • Food donations (see 'Shopping Guidlelines' tab for specifics)
  • Monetary donations (used to purchase food and/or provide additional assistance during holidays or extended school breaks)
  • Participating at our monthly Pack & Pray Day
  • Delivery 

Many of you may not have been aware of this concern in our own community.  This project is wonderful because EVERYBODY can help!!  Every single item is important and goes a long way!!  So if you have $2 to spend or more, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We look forward to hearing from you soon as we partner together to make a difference for those in need!  You can reach us at or

Want to donate? 
Here are some guidelines to help you when shopping for Full Tummy Project bags:
We aim to provide foods that do not require any preparation. For example, we would prefer ready to eat, easy open items.
We also ask for 100% Juice drinks or shelf stable milk boxes.
For health and safety reasons, all items must be single serve/ individually packaged items.
Please follow the link to the left to get complete 'Shopping Guidelines.'
We appreciate your willingness to serve!

Each bag contains the following:
2 breakfast items
2 lunch items
2 dinner items
4 snack items
1 juice or shelf stable milk
 Growing Hope Against Hunger